24 AWG Solid Copper Wire for Grounding Purposes

Solid naked copper twine is maximum typically used for grounding functions in the cord and cable industry. Other industries additionally use thicker gauge sizes of naked copper for art initiatives or as basket hangers however this text with be geared toward its electrical properties and uses.

24 AWG naked copper has about 817 feet consistent with pound, so if you wanted to scrap a few greater wire you've got to your garage you'll get about $three.50 for 817 toes of 24 AWG. If there may be insulation over the copper you may should put off it or the scrap yard will fee you greater to do so.

Scrapping copper twine has come to be very famous during the last five years because of the rise of all metals as commodities. Copper is a piece less complicated to get your hands on because it's far typically used in families and close by buildings. Since 24 AWG wire is very small you would not get an excessive amount of money for 1000 ft however if you had a 2 AWG twine you would see some thing in the vicinity of $two hundred for a thousand ft.

Some traits of 24 AWG bare copper wire are that it has a .02 inch outer diameter, .577 wearing contemporary and 29.2 fusing present day. Those attributes will come up with the facts needed to determine out the precise length of cord you want for the application whereas bare copper in standard is used for grounding and overhead drive transmissions.

If you're wondering in case you are retaining naked copper right now you will be aware it as a brass color. It can be a strong strand or multiple strands weaved together to form a larger AWG length. If you have got a silver color it may be various of factors along with aluminum, tinned copper, silver-plated copper or even nickel-plated copper. Aluminum will have a lighter feel to it and it's going to weight quite a bit less than copper wire. Tinned copper is also known as bus bar cord which has a tin coating over the authentic bare stable copper. The silver-plated and nickel-plated are similar with a coating over the naked copper.

Remember, there are many sorts of 24 AWG cord but all of them start with a piece of solid copper. Voltage and amperage are each motives that insulation could be wanted along side environmental and climate situations that the copper will need to be blanketed from. There is a long line of insulation types from reasonably-priced to very highly-priced that permit your copper cord to be used inside the application you need it.
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